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+1 the rear 17" K60 on my DR was a PITA (and yes, the wheel was clean and lubed and everything else). Took 60 psi three or four times before it popped.

I am not looking forward to working on that tire on a ride. In fact, it might be enough to keep me away from the K60 in future.
I had a 17" k60 put on my bike at Adventure Cycleworks in Fairbanks and it had to be ran up to 55psi 3 or 4 times and bounced on the ground but finally set and he does it for a living, so I was worried about doing it on the road with my little Walmart compressor......well I got the chance 2 weeks later on the Dempster. I rode it flat for about 1/2 kilometer up to a road pull out and I had no problem what so ever setting the bead first time with my little compressor. I used Ivory liquid dish soap from the camping kit. The biggest problem was getting the tubes valve stem through the rim I now carry a valve stem fishing tool.
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