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I'm almost embarrassed to post the video, since it's sounds like I'm trying to murder my bike. My friend and I raced our first 3 hour ice race. I was faster than him, but I don't work with my hands, so I'm weaker. I sat out what turned out to be exactly one lap to get shake some life back into my arms and fingers. Not cold, I was a steaming heap at the end. He ended up with third in our class, the top two spots were pro riders. He pretends like he's not proud, but it only took him a day to stick it on his garage wall with ice racing screws.

The yellow X on the back of the helmet identifies us as noobs. While I was passed a fair bit by pros, it was satisfying to pass someone and then flash the X. Our laps were 9 minutes compared to the top guys pulling laps in the 7:45 range per 10 km lap.

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