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Eddy, buy what you want, what makes you happiest, all the ones in consideration are replaceable. If you're ok with the monetary loss/expense then the decision should be even easier. My opinion regarding the bikes you mention or have owned? The GS' are all similar, the newer ones offer more power, different braking systems, etc., but they're basically the same. You say that you love them and that says a lot, maybe their riding characteristics and ownership experience is what you're drawn to. Does that mean that you couldn't love some other marque's big trailie model? Of course not, and if one doesn't work out to your liking then so be it, get something else. Spend time reading owner opinions and the like, become acquainted with the bike, and most importantly, take them all out on test-rides while asking yourself if the bike is what you really want versus what it might represent. I've owned a fair amount of motorcycles too, many here have, but its you that ultimately has to pay for them.

Buy what you want, what fits your needs best.....oh, and by the way, cool last name.
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