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O2 Sensor plug under the fuel tank

I was wondering if any of the guru inmates can tell me; can you get access to the O2 sensor connection under the fuel tank by merely lifting the tank at the back (after loosening it) or does it require a full removal with the associated draining of fuel etc. I had an unsuccessful (the freakin' thing was Locktite'ed in or sumthin') go at removing the O2 sensor last week in LA, but had to abandon it and put it all together again as I was running out of time for my flight back to Oz. I am going back to LA tomorrow and will have another crack at it, but will do a pilgrimage up to Sears (rather than Harbor Freight) for some serious wrenches (rather than the adjustable wrench i wrecked trying to get the plug out) and a butane torch, to heat the freakin' thing up before haaving another go at the big heave. Just thinking it would be better to get the whole catcon assembly disconnected away from the bike before I try again, as I am likely to topple the pig over myself if I don't Also, as I was using an adjustable wrench last time - it looked like a 22mm plug - can anyone confirm that?

Thanks folks
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