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I see a european trip is considered. I would be very interested in seeing your experience of the old continent. Don't underestimate the cultural differences so close together. You have done thousands of miles and only seen American people that all speak english (sort of), but if I go 40 miles south I'm in France, and 40 miles north and I'm in Holland. Not only does language differ, but also cultural differences are much bigger than what you are used to.

I for one would be very keen to see what the great observer of the human nature that you are makes of this. I think you either go crazy or stay here permanently...

On another note : loved your ieas on limbic depravation. I am not an expert on this so i shall not comment, but great ideas. As a newborn I spent three months in a special chamber, and I recognise what you describe, albeit not that problematic (my parents could take me out and cuddle from time to time).

And one final remark : I admire the people that take trips like this, and under different circumstances I would have done so also, but now I have chosen to live the live of a proud father, taking trips to the zoo instead. Not one ounce of regret, mind you, but I greatly appreciate the non-judgemental character of your writing. I am sick of tired of so-called adventurers calling us "sheep" simply because we made other choices. I love my babies and will never regret that choice.
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