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Blythe to San Diego

Day Two on the bike. Things were good.

Always interesting to see what inmates are packing. Pretty simple set-up since I was staying in hotels. Clothes in bag plus shoes. The other side case had small backpack with food, water, a few tools. Gloves and rain gear. And of course Benchmark, CA. Didn't really need it during the days, but always took a careful look at night.

Really enjoyed the morning ride south from Blythe through the Palo Verde Valley. First up close look at the all irrigation canals and agriculture of SoCal. This was one of my favorite parts of the trip and all totally unexpected. One the real joys of backroad travel via moto!

Irrigation canal.

Morning shadow. I'm always out at sunset, but not on the bike very often in the early morning hours. This was nice. One of the real benefits of multi-day moto travels.

Great combinations of canals, trees, and mountains.

Impressive rows. I was always fascinated with these as a kid. Still caught my eye and made me stop.

I'm primarily on CA 78, eventually heading south and west towards Glamis.


And more California classics.

Flooded rice field ??? My son looks at this pic and says "that's not right." As a 5th grader he has a sense that this is a wasteful use of water. We live in the desert. Our front yard is rocks.

An active canal.

Perhaps my son's favorite pic. "Daddy does like to drive around and take photos of his bike next to big green things."

Leaving the flat lands. We get a little desert, mountains with twists and turns. Nice riding. Good to put some lean into the bike. No traffic.

The scenery looks familiar to me. We have a plant just like this in our front yard.

Silhouette of the V.

Obligatory mirror shot.

Glamis. aka Algodones Dunes or Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area.

Glamis Toys.

And more toys.

The effects of sun and wind.

Front loader for clearing drifts across the road.

Just before Brawley south on CA 111 to Calexico.

Nice. No smell in the area. Perhaps it wasn't operational.

That's a big facility.

Elevation 1.

Took a break and really enjoyed poking around Calexico for a bit. Border towns always have their unique culture.

Way more Spanish than English. Not surprising.

Downtown Calexico.

Leaving Calexico on 98 West, just north of Mexico border. Abandoned building. Reminds me of some places in Utah. Pic time.

Looking out.

First sign for San Diego. But I was good on time and taking all the slower roads just north of the border. Avoided I-8 except for a short unavoidable stretch up through the In-Ko-Pah Gorge.

These exits in the Yuha Desert caught my eye. Found the signage humorous.

This place had a different look and feel to it. Really dry. Different plants than what I had seen so far. Started to see lots of border patrol SUVs in this area. It would be this way from here all the way to San Diego. Giant game of cat and mouse.

Looks familiar. I might have to rig up something like this for pulling kids on tubes behind the snow machines at Brian Head. Although I think it will be more fun to let the tubes run free to take full advantage of the "pendulum" effect.

Wind power. Although today it was very calm. Only a few were moving.

Mountain Springs Station.

Big view back down to the wind turbines.

Welcome to California. Earning its reputation for craziness.

A pretty elaborate display of aliens.

Leaving the aliens . . .


Border fence with Mexico.

Getting closer to San Diego. We are in the mountains again. Good curvy roads.

Campo area, near the Pacific Crest Trailhead.

Late lunch.

Food pic. Only average at best, but still a nice break.

More motorbike roads. Starting to see guys on sport bikes venturing out from San Diego.

Took the Otay Lakes Road, staying as far south as possible. Lower Otay Lake was very scenic.

Dead trees in one corner of the reservoir.

Just beyond Otay Lake you enter the sprawl of greater San Diego. I came down Telegraph Canyon Road and made my way towards Silver Strand Beach. CA gas prices.

This was going to be a good way to get up to downtown San Diego. Good fun driving up across the Coronado Bridge.

Final pic from Silver Stand Beach of the Pacific Ocean with a container ship on the horizon.

Thanks for riding along inmates and lurkers!

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