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Originally Posted by Steve907AK View Post
Does anyone have any recommendations regarding the quickest ferry to the lower 48? I've looked at the schedule online and it seems a bit confusing. Looking to go this summer but I want to get down there as quickly as possible on the ferry. Any recommendations? Thanks

A quick enough ferry will be tough to find. I took a scoot to Valdez then hopped the ferry back to Whittier a few years ago. The novelty wore off in about 30 minutes and after a couple hours I thought I might have to slit my wrists.

The ferry all the way from Bellingham is going to be like a six day coma. Might want to contact PAF or Span, etc. and see if it's possible to have them strap your bike to a pallet and then phanagle some way of riding down on the steamship with it. I know they have the ability to take a passenger but I don't know the specifics. It's likely to be more interesting than the ferry and it'd be quicker by half (it's a 3.5 day shot from Port of WA to Port of Anch on the steamer).

Here's the summer schedule but I'd call anyway. Their schedule in my experience hasn't exactly been like the German rail system. At least what they've posted of it in the past.
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