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I have spent the vast majority of my life working and playing out of doors with my three main passions being skiing, bicycling, and motorcycling (not necessarily in that order, and it changes depending on season/circumstances $$$). I cannot tell you how many times I've biffed a motorcycle, cartwheeled down a hill on a bicycle, or blasted off into oblivion on skis. I've torn myself up, had some very lucky close calls, and enjoyed many, many fine relaxing rides without drama or pain. As davesupreme says, it's all good and I wouldn't change any of it even if I could (well, maybe the convalescence part...). It's very cool to see you adding another skill to your set, and I think you are absolutely correct in taking it slowly and thoughtfully. The bottom line, however, is that you have stepped out of your comfort zone and are trying something completely new that can be very dangerous (and consequently has a high adrenaline/fun factor). If done carefully and thoughtfully you can minimize the negative consequences and enjoy this sport for the rest of your life. You're building skills every time you ride; just think about where you were only a month ago!

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