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Originally Posted by Ferrys View Post
Hello Jakub,
First of all let me congratulate the organization, especially Luc (and I think Pauli by his side) for the great stage in Mauritania.
I have been following the rally and I believe the improvements are clear to be seen and you guys are in the right direction, and I hope you accept a few comments from my side.
I think the organization should think sometiems more from a participant prespective. Is it clever to allow a BMW F800GS or any other trail machine (XT) take part of Mauritanian special?. Is it realistic to think a standard 4WD as a Toyota or Land Rover with all preparation you want, to be part of that special?. Of course, a great stage for the right bikes but cars should be provided with a different route.
Wouldn't be better to have on additional day in MAuritania?. For instance today could be a rest day, or better yet, what aabout a short stage round the wonderfull surroundings of Akjchott?. 150-200kms, gaining time for delayed vehicles to arrive and a break for the organization. And tomorrow anothe epic Mauritanian stage. Of course, I am aware of the complications of Mauritania, as well as the economics. One less day in Senegal, I know wonderfull place Zebra Bar, and one more in Mauritania. Personally that stage in Senegal means very boring terrain, very crowded with children everywhere, two specials, with a liason in between, crossing villages, schools crowded with children, etc. Not clever and very dangerous.
If you improve the first day, which for me means sleeping in the middle of nowhere (Taourirt), riding at 05:00 in the night at temperatures below 0 (-4 last year). A real endurance test (with not meaning for me), and the rally takes the night boat in Almeria, I think this is the place to be in. Great Job and success.

To finish, a few numbers, please think it over.
A rally like the Heroes Legend, with road book, repatriation medical insurance (very, very important), catering, helicopter, etc., cost for the early ones, €3350. The give you the option to bring the bike back from Dakar to Europe, to transport the standard metalic box, 2 wheels, camping gear and a bag (up to 30kilos) for more or less €850. That makes a total of €4200.
In the IR, entry fees (early one) €1500. Plus I need someone to transport my stuff, the same as described previously. I think they are charging minimum €2500, which is a fair price. Total €4000. Don't you think the organization should provide some options as well??
Kind regards,
Hi José, I asked months ago and on IR with 2500 euros I would get also some assistannce, not only stuff transportation. And on HL you have helicopter and mandatory iritrack etc A friend of mine did HL 2010 and spent over 15k euros (starting from Montauban), not including the bike!
I agreed that twin/dual bike shouldn't enter the "race" section, but raid/adventure one only. An Africa Twin and an old XL600 did so at the recent Africa Race, they did a mix of assistance roads and easier race track and apart from a clutch problem for the AT, they did it fine.
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