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Originally Posted by David R View Post
year 1976 on a 1969 (?) bridgestone 175 street scrambler. 2 stroke rotary valve 2 cylinder bike.

Drum brakes. There is a link from the fork to the backing plate so the shoes don't spin around.

The link broke. The backing plate rotates in the direction to pull the cable tight. I went on my Azz!

Another time on a Yamaha RD350 I ha been working on it. The front axle slid partway out at 50+ mph causing
the rotor to lock up in the caliper from misalignment. I went on my azz. The skid mark was less than 2 feet long from riding
to sliding. Please don't mess with your front brakes.

Sure, I see your point. There are used and new right fork lowers with ATE brake castings out there. Aside from the tangs, the fork lower needs to be drilled and reamed for a 20 mm axle. I will think about this some more as it is neither urgent or mandatory.
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