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Originally Posted by neduro View Post

To me, the short stages are the big issue. I don't mind that it's more or less technical than Africa, but I do mind that the top riders are in camp at noon. It totally changes the dynamics of the race, bikes that get rebuilt from the frame every night, riders that get more hours to recover, and the pace escalates from endurance to enduro, so to speak.

But that's not going to change so long as the primary TV market is 5-6 hours earlier in the day. They have to be able to make the news, and that means Cyril is getting a massage at 1:00 PM.
I am of two minds about this. IF the stages were longer (distance is somewhat irrelevant it is time that is of the concern in my example) and the top guys got in around dinner time (say 6 pm) instead of mid afternoon....what would this do to the rest of the field. As it is a mid pack racer having a clean run gets in around 6pm on average. Add 4 hours for a top guy and this translates to 6? hours for a mid pack guy. So mid pack guys get in around midnight each day....

See where I am coming from? Its a fine line of not having everyone above the 20-30 guys finishing in daylight each day. 150 bikes out on the stage after the sun drops? In africa lots of bikes out after dark but it got dark way earlier than it does in South America. What then of the cars and trucks, as it is a lot of them don't get in until the wee hours...

I hear ya Ned, just not sure what a solution would be without making things totally ridiculous for the privateers.

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