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Man this sure helped me today.

I ride a GS 650/800 twin and I have been through four windshields and currently running the CeeBailey newes heavy duty in the 18 inch size. It is the highest that would not look awkward on a F bike and I was hoping would be my go to screen for winter and stop the wind noise on longer rides. I bought the BMW OEM part for the brace and love the whole install and everything with one caveat. It needed about another inch to quienten for my height. I'm five nine and I wanted a lip like was on the MRE windscreen I had last time but they do not make them for Cee Baileys. I thought about buying one from MRE in clear to match but I am hesitant to drill holes in the windscreen so looking into the Wunderlich.

I found a you tube showing it and it looked excellent and now that I've read the above , I am thinking this might be just the ticket.

Anyway thanks for the help guys, it may solve my issues. If so that will give me a summer and winter Cee Bailey as I also have the shorter 12 inch screen . The MRE windscreen had a funny vibration to it and made you think for all the world you had a bearing going out. Very annoying . Also the turbulence on it was worse than the tiny OEM that comes on the bikes.

Thanks again.

Now anyone have one they do not want ?? LOL They ARE pricey . That is almost as much as I paid for my whole windshield.
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