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I almost never see bikes pulled over around Central California. I've been told by my CHP friend they don't like to pull bikes over because of the high rates of riders trying to evade police, which leads to dead riders over minor traffic violations. I kind of think that's bull, because that will lead to a situation where people with fast vehicles think they're above the law. (only I should be above the law, the rest of you FF's need to comply ).

I have only been been pulled over once on the bike. I came out of a gas station driveway about 20 feet from a stop sign, but I was focused on the highway on ramp 100 feet away and blew through it. The CHP was waiting at that intersection to get on the highway, so he had me pulled over as soon as we reached the top. He just wanted to make sure I was alert, because it was about 115 degrees F that day and traffic was heavy. He let me go with no ticket.

I have met CHP that were all business, but never a genuine dickhead. Same with Sheriffs. City PD vary a bit more, and can over react sometimes. It is not uncommon in my little foothill town for people to get arrested for 'drunk in public' standing outside a bar waiting for a taxi. I have no idea how people get away with leaving bars in a vehicle. That just seems like you're asking for it. I drink at home, walk to bars, or take turns as designated driver with my wife. I never get drunk enough to stumble in a public place, because it makes you a target for opportunistic bad guys. The only exception would be Adv events in campgrounds where crawling back to the tent is considered a good end to the evening.
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