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Thanks for posting, brieninsac. Interesting trend. 'Readers' Digest' version:

"The guidelines say motorcyclists can ride between two cars if there is room, but must do it at no more than 10 miles per hour faster than the vehicles they are passing.
The guidelines also make it clear that motorcyclists should not attempt the maneuver at full freeway speeds, or in any traffic going 30 mph or faster. That essentially means the highest speed a motorcyclist should be going when lane-splitting is 39 mph."

"...the guidelines do not reflect new policy. The CHP has long held that lane-splitting is legal in California because nothing in the state Vehicle Code specifically prohibits it."

"...the state has engaged UC Berkeley researchers to study motorcycle crashes to reach better conclusions about motorcycling dangers in general, and lane-splitting in particular.
Depending on the Berkeley study results, the state could adjust its lane-splitting guidelines..."

"The guidelines note:
Inexperienced motorcyclists should not lane-split.
On freeways (when traffic has slowed to below 30 mph), motorcyclists should lane-split only between the two fast lanes. The slow lanes are too dangerous because vehicles there switch lanes more often coming from onramps and getting to offramps.
Motorcyclists should not lane-split in toll booth queues.
Law enforcement officers can, at their discretion, determine that a motorcyclist is lane-splitting unsafely.
Other drivers should not try to impede motorcyclists from lane-splitting."

Full article:

CHP Expanded Guidelines:


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