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Originally Posted by Foot dragger View Post
Man,thats quite a trick hitting one of those at speed and more or less walking away! People total cars on those things and end up with a cow in their lap through the windshield. You'll heal OK and be right back at it.

I smacked a cow while passing a truck on a wide dirt road in Nevada,said cow was backed up and skitzing around by the fence on the right side of the road,obscured from my vision by a line of trucks.
My 2 buddies passed the truck so I followed and passed also.

At the precise second I was getting to the front of the truck the cow made the sprint of it's life across in front of the truck,truck grazed it, I hit it the second I saw it,luckily I hit the rear quarter panel of the cow with my left handguard/handlebar and the left side of my bike had cow fur on it. It kicked my bars full lock and into a full lock tank slapper instantly.
I flew over the bars ripping the handlebar clamp bolts out of the triple clamp with my upper thigh.
Then I sailed/bounced/tumbled about 60' down the road with the bike chasing me,it ended up laying on my legs.

I layed there for a bit collecting myself,happened kinda quick like.Hit it going about 55mph.

I figured out I mainly had a bashed little finger and sore all over from shoulders to both ankles,but could get up and straighten the bike out and ride back to camp,next morning I put some longer bolts in the handlebar clamps and checked the bike over then went for our planned next day's ride. Our leader endoed in a snow bank and that was the end of that 800 mile dirt trip.

If I had killed the cow I would have had to pay the rancher it's worth,its free range cattle everywhere out there and that's how they do it. This cow looked dis-gruntled but was OK.

Ive felt lucky ever since. My fully armored Olympia Air GT jacket did great,I didnt have a scratch anywhere,I had a gore-tex shell on over it and the road was wet which maybe let me slide easier.

Watch for Cows!
Sounds SO familiar.......I saw the cow...I guess I hit it and broke my hands/wrists/fingers at point of thing I know I am see-ing blacktop/sky/blacktop/sky/blacktop/sky over and over....saying to myself "this is going to hurt"
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