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Originally Posted by TuonoBiker View Post
So you like the crampbuster or the kaoko style lock? I'm confused...

I ended up with the Bob's BMW 60 dollar lock. It locks the opposite direction of the throttle. I like it...haven't ridden with it as its like 10 degrees and snowy. You really need to want to lock it sure won't happen accidentally. Also, these locks are not super tight...well, you could crank it down, but there is no need to do that. Snug it up and you can still easily roll it forward and shutdown the gas.

Controversial piece of kit, but if used properly, it will be what I'm looking for. I have no use for it other than interstate travel. The crampbuster just plain pissed me off and was constantly in my way. After 1000 miles of use, I still didn't like it...felt like a giant wrinkle between grip and glove, always fiddling to get it in position. I'm a sportbiker by nature and like to have full grip and control on the throttle especially in the fun twisties. The CB adds this strange sensation of extra leverage, to me it was more dangerous.
Totally agree. I HATE the crampbuster. I think it's rather dangerous and really useless on a bike like the GS, where there is essentially no weight on your wrist/hand like there is on a Sportbike like a Tuono, etc. I'd much rather gain some relief by temporarily lifting the right thumb to the top of the grip. ...for more long term relief on a long straight boring road, I use the Kaoko.
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