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Originally Posted by El Gato View Post
Hi all,

A while ago I bought a set of reflective chevron decals from Humvee Graphics for improved visibility. It was the kit that has the red stripes for the rear edges, white for the front edges, and yellow for the top edges. The decals are very high quality and provide drastically improved visibility from all angles, but the yellow stripes on the top of the cases is just too 'over the top' for my taste so I'm thinking of removing them. Problem is - they seem like they're on there pretty darn good. Before I bust out the heat gun I thought I'd check in with folks here to see how easy these things are to take off. If I'm going to end up with a massive mess I'll just leave them alone, but if they come off fairly easily with some heat and cleanup with Goo-Gone then I'll opt to forgo that little bit of extra safety in the interest of not looking so much like a crossing guard.

Heat gun some wd40 and dental floss easy peasy.

Get that bullshit off of there

If it ends up looking like shit, put on a Wall drug sticker over the booger... Iv'e been everywhere man
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