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Day 2: Monday November 5th, 2012

I was awake at 7:30 and happy to be indoors. I knew it had gotten cold last night and I was enjoying the luxury of indoor climate control.

So I got dressed and went around the house looking to see if anyone else was awake. The house was quiet, but when I went outside I found Jeff enjoying the hot tub.

Yeah. That's pretty sweet. Not a bad way to start the day.
I went inside to see what I could arrange for coffee.


Complete with a Ducati cup.
Now I'm happy.

So slowly the rest of the crew woke up and we slowly packed our bikes and thanked Frank, our most awesome host. He really saved us. We were rested, and he had helped Jeff get his bike back on the road again by donating his KTM's rear brake assembly.
Our descent into Hells Canyon planned for today would not be possible with only one brake.

So we left our host, and headed into town to get some breakfast.
It wasn't hard.
We found another high class place and another SCORE!

Dude! Eggs Benedict! My favorite!

After stuffing ourselves, we got back on the bikes and headed to wherever the GPS said was the right way.
I should add right now that CJ and I had planned and researched this trip months before, finding all the cool dirt roads to get where we wanted to get to, but still make decent time so we would get to the KTM event later that month. Hells Canyon was a key waypoint.
Along the way we stop to get gas.
When I see this sign, we know this is the place to get pure gas.

Soon we head into the forest, and the GPS routes up this steep rocky, boulder strewn road.
This is the last picture I took before things got too difficult and the road came to an end.

I was too gripped to get any decent pictures...
So we had to backtrack and try another route.
Unfortunately, this alternate route was closed by gates.

The end result was about three hours of screwing around, and we were no closer to Hells Canyon.
So we went back the way we came in.

Our route to Hells Canyon was paved... and full of cows!

By now it was around noon, and we stopped for a lunch break had some snacks, and spoke about how the group was feeling.

CJ and Jeff were enjoying themselves, but I was still angry about the closed roads that we got looped into for two hours.
Looking at how happy Jeff and CJ were really helped me change my mood.

They were really enjoying the ride.
I decided that I would try to relax and enjoy the ride too.

Thanks CJ and Jeff for helping me get my head straight. I can get too intense sometimes.

So after our break, we got back on the route... and yeah.. this scenery doesn't suck. We were riding motorcycles, what was there to complain about?

Soon the road turned to dirt and we were back in the National Forest areas.

We headed west towards Hells Canyon.

and soon we got our first view of the canyon itself.

Hells canyon was carved by the Snake river and is over one mile deep. Most of the area is inaccessible by road.

We begin our decent of the East side of the canyon.

Its a long way down if you go over the edge...

In this picture you can see the small dirt road that goes up the West side of the canyon.

A good view showing the depth of the canyon.

After a while, we made it down to the bottom of the canyon.
It was really hot and we took a moment to cool down and get water for our steep climb up the other side.

After our break, we rode up the canyon, crossed one of three bridges that cross the river, and the rode along the other side to the river to the beginning of our climb out on Hess Road.

It was hot, dry, and dusty, so we gave each other some space to avoid the dust.

And one by one began our climb out to the West rim.
I stopped to get some pictures if CJ and Jeff as they rode out of the canyon.

(Just behind my bike in this picture, you can see theKlein-Schmidt grade we rode down some two hours before.)
Here comes CJ.

And then Jeff.

There goes Jeff, showing off with some mild power slides around the corners.

I get back on the SE, and follow them up the grade.
Near the top I take one last picture.

It's a pretty special place.

We stop and get gas in Enterprise, and then head north looking for a place to camp for the night.

The road had some sweet corners.

Eventually we find a smaller road, and follow it for a while till we find a secluded spot by a river.
Time to set up Camp Snuggly.

The CJ bear retreated into his cave for the night.

I think Jeff he used his KLIM gear as a tent and laid down on the ground somewhere like he often did.
Sure saves weight and set-up / tear-down time.

I remember going to sleep listening to the Coyotes singing on the hillside above us.

Stats for the day:
237 miles. Moving Average 39.2
Moving Time 6:03 Stopped 4:54 Total 10:58


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