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FWIW I guess Shorai now specifies the 21A battery for the F800GS, according to Andrew at Acme Rider Supply (my trusted accessories guy here in the Atlanta area). Picked mine up today. Will let you know how it goes...
please do let us know how it goes... based on extensive testing with Shorai LFX 21 and Earth-X ETX24 ... both tested out at about 6 amp hour actual capacities.

using Joel's excellent test methodology of 200amps sustain load for 30sec, 10sec, 20sec = one test cycle. another reason for using Joel's testing methodology is to dovetail his results with mine. note all Joel's testing measurements were done with know to be accurate Fluke meters. note my test measurements are also done with known to be accurate Fluke meters when possible. Powerlab 8, which is world most advanced Li-ion workstation perform AH measurements. Joel has nicer Fluke meters than me, I've got more battery specific tools than Joel. both our data sets mates together nicely.

Earth-X ETX24 outperformed Shorai LFX 21 for 200amp loads by a substantial margin. details in LiFePO4 testing thread... link in sig

my recommendation is to ago with AGM, unless saving weight if more important and saving $$. if you are planning on using your 800GS for actual Adventure duties far away from support.

for Adventure duties the only two LiFePO4 batteries I can recommend are Shorai LFX 36 and Earth-X ETX36 ... both have enough Amp Hour reserves to pass Joel's grueling 200amp continuous crank tests.

for adventure duties both Shorai LFX 21 and Earth-X ETX24 failed from too small amp hour reserves. with Earth-X ETX 24 putting in an outstanding 200amp cranking performance!

Shorai LFX 36 has passed with flying colors in R80G/S with one year of service, under hard cranking conditions. Earth-X ETX 36 is just getting started in R80G/S.

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