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Originally Posted by DirtRider.... View Post
Here's the expanded version:

"Messages for Other Vehicle Drivers
1) Lane splitting by motorcycles is not illegal in California when done in a safe and prudent manner.
2) Motorists should not take it upon themselves to discourage motorcyclists from lane splitting.
3) Intentionally blocking or impeding a motorcyclist in a way that could cause harm to the rider is illegal (CVC 22400).
4) Opening a vehicle door to impede a motorcycle is illegal (CVC 22517).
5) Never drive while distracted.
6) You can help keep motorcyclists and all road users safe by
  • Checking mirrors and blind spots, especially before changing lanes or turning
  • Signaling your intentions before changing lanes or merging with traffic
  • Allowing more following distance, three or four seconds, when behind a motorcycle so the motorcyclist has enough time to maneuver or stop in an emergency"

These guidelines come after the May 3, 2012 California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) results of the first-ever survey of California motorists and motorcycle riders on the subject of "lane splitting" which stated:

"Of all drivers surveyed, 7.3% stated that they had tried to prevent a motorcycle from lane spitting."

"...asked if motorcyclists ever experienced a vehicle trying to prevent them from lane splitting...67.2% of all respondents...mentioned that they had experienced this."

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