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Metal polishing....

....are not my forte. But those valve covers were just begging for me to try again. I'd asked the chrome plater who did the fenders how much he'd charge to chrome plate them, and he said $120 for both. Not too bad, but then he kept talking about the chrome just being a flash, and I was not happy the last time I had some rocker covers chrome plated (73 Ironhead Sporty), so I decided to try polishing them. Went thru quite a few sanding drums for my dremel tool, started at 60grit, went to 120, then it was hand work at 220. Along the way I went to Harbor Freight and bought some more of the dremel sanding tubes, some SS brushes and brass ones too, all for the dremel. Turns out the damn sanding tubes are just a tad too large, and spun off my dremel right away. (Wasn't there a thread somewhere about what to buy and not buy at HF? So I finished the first one (at least for now), and it looks pretty good at 5-10 ft, not so great at 3 ft.

But it definitely looks better that the coarse casting. So on the next one, I was a bit more careful, making sure I got rid of the sanding marks as I went to finer sandpaper, ended up at 320, but still had a lot of trouble around all the small curvy parts.

Not good enough that I'd be happy if I paid someone to do it, but much better than stock. So am I gonna redo the first one so it's at least this good? Not likely, and certainly not any time soon. I'm not crazy about this kinda work.
On the other hand,...

I kinda do like wiring. And Greg Bender was able to hlep me with the mating Molex connectors I need to redo the headlamp wiring, so now I'm just waiting on the new wiring harness and I'll have something to keep me entertained for at least a week or so at my rate of working. later, roy
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