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Originally Posted by buildit View Post
I decided to go with the Hi Point 955ts, OTD for $300 even with tax and a fun firearm. Yeah, it's not collapsable but it's still 9mm and a fun gun.

With the nice weather I decided to pull out the M44 and fire off some rounds at 100+ yards. I couldn't help but think about the recent gun law in New York and the desires of antis to ban certain weapons. It all makes no sense to an experienced shooter and responsible owner. Why can't they see that banning guns for features or the way they look is like banning cars because they are crashed more often and have distracting features in them or bright colors? Oh well, if you don't enjoy my musings I hope you enjoy the firing of an old favorite. :egrin:
I considered this one but the Sub K is 2 lbs lighter. Also, the fact that it folds means I could tote it in my side case (with concealed permit of course).

Lot of folks dising these pistol chambered carbines but what with the rising cost of ammo, I think its the way to go. Besides, I don't have need to shoot targets beyond 150 yrds nor am I hunting.

Those of you that have the guns you want be grateful. The market is totally absurd right now.
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