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Mostly common sense, I reckon. I personally limit myself to about 10-15 over and passing traffic 50 mph or under. Between two fastest lanes only, too

The MSF course is pretty clear on this. At least the one I took was.

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"...asked if motorcyclists ever experienced a vehicle trying to prevent them from lane splitting...67.2% of all respondents...mentioned that they had experienced this."
I will say this, lately I have noticed way more car and truck drivers actively moving over to make more room for me when I lane split here in good old Riverside. It's a really nice thing and quite unexpected.. I try an give them a wave of thanks if it's not too unsafe.

The other side of that coin was lanesplitting on the I-40 on the outskirts of Albuquerque, NM. I was lucky I didn't get lynched!
Hey man, it was hot and I'm from California! Move over!
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