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We were up early at the casino, ( jerry reports winning $4.50) even with horrible odds (I figure gambling is a tax for those who failed math) but anyway it was an early night and an early morning, the roosters had not started crowing when we got up. Had coffee and got rolling in the dark, the border doesn't open until 6:00 am, we crossed shortly after, still in the dark. No stop required going south, found our way in Algodones and keep rolling past the fields and small towns, the smell of burning brush and plastic, it was a bit cold at 50F. A stop or two along the way for petro and a taco stand, all is good. San Felipe was still waking up when we arrived, made our usual way to the Malacon and found a place eager to seat us. Tacos camarones and cokes followed by ice cream cones. Mmmmm,.........

Back on the road south to Puertecitos, the Pmex was open and had gas, that's nice. After that things have changed since our last trip........the blacktop just keeps going, and going, and going. We finally hit the old rock washboard about 3 mi north of the checkpoint. The Pmex at Gonzega also had gas along with about anything else you would want. Change is constant I guess. Well the nice side is we arrived at Alfonsinas way early, no other guests so we got our usual favorite room and a couple cold Pacifico's to enjoy beach side. Rooms have been "modernized" and are now $70. The place has been painted and is looking good, about 255mi today.

After changing it was time to air down the tires and have another cold one. Nice. It's pretty quiet around here yet and we both like it as is.

Since it was early, a walk on the beach was a nice opportunity and it was a very low tide, we came back with hands full of clams and delivered them to the kitchen. 15 min later we got a tray of steamed mussels delivered to our room. Delicious!

Tomorrow we plan on stoping at Coco's place on our way to San Ignacio, another pretty long day but we are planning to meet friends at the yurts for a few days.
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