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DAY ONE, Part 2:

And now, on with the show!

After a very good meal at Victor, it was time to hit Gold Camp Road (the old CS&CC std ga. roadbed) and ride it almost all the way to Colorado Springs. Once near CS, we would pick up Old Stage Road and ride it to the outskirts of CS. We were travelling very light (I was carrying a backpack w/essentials therein). We already had a room booked at Colorado Springs for the night. No rush... just take our time and groove to the scenes before us! We hadn't been on the Gold Camp Road long when I spied this very large and very oddly shaped rock formation. Had to take a pic! What does it look like to you?

Leaving the above rock formation, we continued to twist and turn along the roadbed-turned-road of the old CS&CC. Splendid scenes would unfold before us so often, you just can't take pics of all of them. The CS&CC was a fantastic piece of railroading.

Here's another scene along the way. Note the roadbed/road ahead that we'll be soon be riding on?

The neat thing about riding roadbeds is that many of the cuts and fills remain. The CS&CC had some significant cuts and fills! I'm confident that early on in the CS&CC, many of the fills we road across were trestles, being filled in after the intial construction, which was common practice.

Here's a rock cut that I thought interesting...

A few curves later, we see these fascinating rock formations. They are almost like hot lava had oozed out, and solidified... forming these amazing rocks walls! Oh... and Honey Buns thought that one very unsual rock formation reminded her of a type of person... can you see it too?

More of the amazing rock walls that abounded on this ride...

And even more...

Eventually, we rounded a curve and ahead was another tunnel. This made three tunnels we would pass through. This was was the longest of the three. It, too, was single lane. It was still lined with timbers!

The above tunnel pic would prove to be the last of the pictures from Gold Camp Road.

Eventually, Gold Camp Road turned into Old Stage Road. Old Stage Road was just that: A road made upon an old stage coach road. It was very steep, with lots of switchbacks and loose gravel.

By itself, it would have been a BALL to ride. However, as we neared Colorado Springs, it begin to have INSANE traffic levels. I'm talking vehicles (sometimes groups of them) coming at you every 5 to 15 seconds flying around the blind tight curves. UNFUN.

As motorcyclists, we are very vulnerable to oncoming traffic (or any caged traffic). I was uptight BIGTIME worrying about Honey Buns behind me. (Even on easy stuff, I'm always glancing in the mirrors every few seconds to make sure that very special headlight is still following me.)

I had just gone through an S-curve, and was on the inside lane of the right turn when a huge black Dodge Ram dually pickup blasted by me going way too fast for the conditions. I had a sick feeling for I knew that Honey Buns would be on the outside of the first S-curve.

I glanced in my mirror to see the Dodge disappear around the curve. I waited for Honey Buns' headlight... she should be visible by now. Nothing. I slowed some more.... still nothing. I stopped. STILL nothing.

My stomach knotted up.

Immediately I spun gravel and pivoted a U-turn. Back uproad I went.

As I rounded the curve, the sight before me really got to me: There in the ditch was Honey Bun's bike... nearly upside down. The Dodge pickup was stopped. Two young men were lifting Honey Buns onto the tail gate, one lifting her under the armpits the other lifting her by her legs. She looked limp.

"My God they've hit her!" was my first thought. I immediately began to wonder how severe the injuries were... or worse. It was one of the most horrible feelings I have ever had to experience.

I slid to a stop to hear Honey Buns talking amid the sounds of her pain... so at least I knew she was alive.

She was shaken. Really shaken... (scared, too) but nothing broken.

Once I was able to quickly piece together the events, the Dodge had nothing to do with it. They had seen it unfold and stopped to render any aid that might be needed, including getting the bike off her and carrying her to the tailgate.

Honey Buns explained that she came into the curve a bit too hot... got into the marbles... and the front end tried to wash out. After a couple of swap outs, she caught it... had it straightened and slowing... but was running out of road. Momentum carried here slowly into the shallow ditch... however now under control again, she decided to ride it up out of the ditch and continue her way.

That was the fateful decision. The deepening ditch won, washing her front tire out from under her, and she took a low-speed spill off the high side. Unfun.

No broken bones, not even any real scrapes (aided by her protective gear)... but she was going to be SORE. That much I knew.

Breathing a HUGE sigh of relief that my Honey Buns was going to be okay... now it was time to give her some time to get the jitters out (me too!) and then, climb on the scoots and get out of this potential Killing Field known as Old Stage Road and hit the shower at our room for the night.

This we did.

However, this little incident would change our plans that we had made.

To Be Continued.
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