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Originally Posted by KankakeeBenjamin View Post
I think there are a million opinions however mine is that the gsa is the king. This is if you were limited to one bike. I think the gs/gsa is the best all around motorcycle. I have a multistrada now and it just isn't as good as my gsa was at everything.
I have been through quite a few bikes too, I currently have 4 in the garage, an 08 Monster S4RS Tricolour, an 05 Boxercup Replica, an 12 tenni green Griso and a 2013 Stelvio NTX. The Stelvio pushes all my buttons in a way that the departed 08 GSA never did. For me it's a better all round bike.
In Russia we have saying, "if it isn't broke, don't fix it". We also say, "if it is broke, don't fix it".
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