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Originally Posted by Micl View Post
Was going to see if anyone wanted to ride tomorrow but looks like I'm making my daughters DRZ standard again

Was bought in NSW and need to change rego to ACT and looks like it needs to go over Dickson. Even though I can theoretically get roadworthy elsewhere it needs its identity check and people seem paranoid about passing in case the guys a Dickson then don't think it's right.

Apparently it needs standard exhaust, led indicators flash a bit quick, needs standard number plate holder/taillight. I think I need to take all the custom rack supports off so I can get the standard exhaust on again. Needs the cutoff switch for the stand reinstalled... Has also been suggested I should take fairing and safari tank off. Hopefully no one notices the Athena stamp on the barrel The debate now is do I make it completely standard so as to get it through easy or do I try and get it through with some of its mods... Either way long pointless day especially when I just have to put all the good bits on again the day after it is passed... Everyone seems to think no problem passing any other time once we have ACT rego. Everything is properly done and works as supposed to, I hate beurocracy.....

Is it really necessary to put the OEM tank back on? What a pain in the arse if so.
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