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Originally Posted by 1989THEARK View Post
I contacted REVZILA about needing a phone solution for my bars and that is exactly what they suggested.

im seriously tempted to get it. I just dont like the non waterproof whole the wires have to go through.
BUT i could probably run my pre determined wires through it and seal it up with silicone

solving my water problem.

BUT how much water can this thing handle.

are we talking a full downpour at freeway speeds or just foggy weather or just a light drizzle.

if you get it please let me know how it worked for you.

I actually might order it myself

and i'll PM you with my experience
I have one already, haven't mounted or wired it yet though. The construction leads me to believe it is water proof.

Originally Posted by TRAVELGUY
I tired a AQUA BOX a few years ago for a GPS. Was difficult to view screen or use touch commands.
The flexible screen that you operate the touch screen through probably does reduce sensitivity (ha!) but I'm not planning on using this as my main gps. Secondary gps, phone and music (maybe). Hoping for reduced need to interact with it. With my phone plugged in the full power screen is pretty bright so I think I will be able to see it. Have to see if I just end up confirming TG's findings.
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