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Originally Posted by bmwktmbill View Post
Having been down the 'fine screen " route on other motorcycles I can relate from experience that the air flow will be affected in ways you may not anticipate.

Air is like water and when you run water through a your kitchen sink spout, it gets weird. Guess I think it's a flow thing, maybe it's a speed thing.

Screen is restrictive in my experience in a way air filters are not.
Screens, holes and baffles are not the same.

Why? Not sure, may work for you OK and I will be wrong.

Hi Bill, I'm confused now.... I may be misunderstanding what people are talking about when they say they are doing "the airbox mods"... I was under the impression that the go is not to replace the filter with a screen but rather just to replace the solid plastic side panel with a screen to allow more air into the airbox which then gets filtered by the nicely oiled air filter, am I correct?

From what you said above, it sounds like you're saying that the side panel is hollowed out as CSF has done, a screen put in the side panel as the only means of filtering the air and then no actual air-filter used to filter the air once inside the airbox... if this is the case then I'm with you, I wouldn't be doing that
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