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Sorry for the long delay in responding, I needed a good break from the old RR

Originally Posted by Nata Harli View Post


It just wasn't the same without you there. Even though your streak has ended you'll have to come next year. We're thinking Arkansas in the fall.

While you're healing, I've got a good movie to recommend:

I would have much rather been there than here with this busted up leg. Maybe this year, Crane, MO would make for a good spot I'm thinking, or maybe down on the ranch here in OklahomaHave to see what happens with all this metal in my leg before I can commit to something.

Originally Posted by Eagletalon View Post
All caught up now with your RR. I thought you were having bad luck when I read about your bike breaking down. Then I read about your injury and the bike problem seemed nothing compared to that. Glad that you had proper medical care the first time around as it is a lot worst the second time around. Take care and keep your spirits up!

Hola Juan Thanks for the kind words. I'm very happy with the repair, only problem was that skin that died around the incision site.
Cover your eyes now if you don't like human beef jerky:

4, 3, 2,

That big mess was dead so I broke out the old gross anatomy disection kit and went to work removing the jerky, it wasn't going to come back
Here's what is was before I started cutting:

Originally Posted by 2whelman View Post
Heel up soon, I feel like a junkie who lost his are having a hell of life and I am loving the reports.

I met you several years back at the Crane mo rally, Pilot & I followed you and big John in the rain on our airheads through that downpour to the dealership. how long before you can start putting around a bit?
I will try to deliver the supply best I can. I still remember that rainy day well. Might just make it back to Crane this year, I'll be looking for you and JFK

Originally Posted by erockmapquest View Post
Cool shit man.
Thanks dude Glad I'm not putting you towith this RR.

Originally Posted by Dr. Benny View Post

Just kidding. Wishing you well amigo!!
Please review the photo I previously posted It could have been worse...

Originally Posted by Eagletalon View Post
Hey man how is that leg feeling after all this months?

I don't have a healing photo handy from back in Novemeber but here is the most current one as of today:

It has taken a long time to come this far, cold weather is still bothering and I got a limp still, no running for me yet

Originally Posted by BeachGuy View Post
He's the man of Steel. You'll know how its feeling when he starts talking about going back down south. His leg will start itching and when he scratches it raw and it's bleeding he'll be gone again. I've got money on it.
One of this days my friend. Thanks for following along man. It was sure nice meeting up with you and Celly(?) in CR

Originally Posted by skibum69 View Post
Hey Johnboy, I just emailed your boat about crewing on it
Hola Mikey
Hope the crewing spot worked out for you and your German is better than mine About now you should be in Cuba I know you'd be perfect for repainting the masts, and you know good and well what a boatswain chair is from loads of experience

Originally Posted by Colombianito View Post

I love it bro...............

Good to see your still playing hard!

I finally picked up a New 2013 BMW G650GS Sertao this week. I love it!

I am now here in Tampa, Florida. Doors always open here as well. C
Hey Larry,
Glad and sad to hear you are back in the States, I know the wife is happy about it but I'm sure you will miss Colombia on the Tornado. Stoked to hear you got a Sertao, that is probably the most efficient 650 in the world. People are liking the new Husky Terra and it's nearly identical to our great BMWs that have been around for years You'll be wanting that new GSA before too long for you and the wife. I'll be sure to stop in if I'm down that way, same goes for you here in Oklahoma. Always enjoy having ADVers stop in

Originally Posted by bobcat View Post
John, I had a dream on Friday night and you were in it. So thought I'd check in here to see what you're up to. Last time I looked was after you'd posted about Angel Falls, so I was sad to see about the end of that segment of your trip.

Hope you are healing well and making big plans for your return for the next segment. Cheers and Happy New Year!
I might just need a pm from you It could have been so much worse. I had/have a lot of good help with the accident

Sorry I missed the Texas crew this past NYE, I was wanting to make it to Pete's place, I heard he was having another one of those great gtg, hope you made it. Stay tuned lots more report coming up, I was pretty spotty over those last few months on the road and hope to get this all out of my head and fill in all the gaps now It's been a hellulva ADV.

Originally Posted by BeachGuy View Post
Sure you will... the longer you wait to finish this RR the the more embellished the stories will become. Anybody can fall off a motorcycle, even you proved that. Hurry up make some money heal up and get back down there.

Hell the more I think about it, the older I'm getting and you have to finish this in my life time.
I will give you some good reading material for you in your old age Jeff I'm sure of all those beautiful daughters you have at least one has produced a grandchild or two to keep you busy in the meantime. Hope all is well with you and your family. Thanks for following along.

I'll try and get after this once again. Famous last words
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