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I spent a bit of time on the workshop working on a few things. The unusual electrical problem I had with the charging circuit seemed to disappear with a diode swap from Berlina. As happens at times like this the starter motor then began squealing when starting. I took it apart, cleaned & greased everything that looked like it should be.
The starter motor teeth were looking worn however luckily the flywheel teeth were good so I spose the starter teeth are the sacrificial part. I had a look at Berlinas one & Schmidts ones looked very good in comparison.

I also minutemended those nasty lil nuts to the rear of the starter to save from having to do unusual yoga positions with my fingers holding them in place.

There has been a KLR seat knocking around for a while & I decided to have a go at modifying it to fit Schmidt.
I lengthened the base with some plastic switchboard plastic & a heat gun. That was riveted on.

I cut some foam & glued it over the new section.

After a bit of experimenting I found that a grinder with steel cutoff blade was the best tool to trim & shape the foam. I was unusually patient & tried to get as close a smooth edge between old & new as possible.

Stretching & keeping the fabric in place was a head scratcher I was intending to stretch & staple the fabric to the base however my stapler wouldn't even look at it. The fabric surprisingly had no stretch to it so I resorted to a spray adhesive. It worked very well though the joins are more visible than I hoped. After a few grubby handprints & muddy butts on it it will look quite worn in.

$20 glue
$10 imitation suede
$5 foam
a fair few hours labour
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