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Sometimes they win one.

I'm at the local auto show, and as the wife and I are fast walking through the conversion van section (people still buy those stupid things?) there is a corner with a Ducati display. I've never really looked at Ducatis, and a very pretty Multistrada is right out front. I stop. My wife looks at me puzzled. I feel the trickle of saliva start at the corner of my mouth. Then I see the price tag. $20,000! That curbs the drool flow and I get ready to move on, but the sole sales rep catches me and we talk bikes for a bit. I of course explain that, being a former KLR rider and now astride a Wee Strom that a bike of this magnitude is something I can only afford to think about while in my dark man-cave with a glass of Tennessee Honey in my hand. He chuckles and says his offer for me to come ride it still stands. His philosophy is, even if I can't afford one, I may wax endlessly to some friend who can. "Come and ride it whenever you want." We talk more, and it turns out they also conveniently sell Suzuki...are nearly equidistant from my home as the Other Dealer that I loathe and spit at as I ride by...and would be more than happy to do my annual state inspection while I wait with no appointment. How did I not know this place existed?

I was pretty sure I dream't this, but the brochure and card from the guy are still here on my desk, so I guess it's real.
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