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Originally Posted by higworld View Post
Well, that isn't happening tonight. Guess they need some serious time to soak. Not a one of them is moving. Sigh.

On the plus side, I did manage to remove two thousand fasteners to get to the dash so I could change a light bulb!

Actually, I'm kinda having fun taking things off and on. Good to get to know the old girl. I learned several things so far. One is don't fill up a 7.5 gallon tank to the brim, raise the bike on a lift, and THEN remove the tank. Might have been easier to do that one at sea level. Another is that it's easier to remove things that are in the way (can you say coils) rather than cuss and fight to get small things out of smaller places.

OK, just popped a beer. I'll continue to play tomorrow.
When the plugs/bolts do start moving don't try to bring them straight out. Work them back and forth applying more penetrating lube. Out a bit, spray, back in, out a bit more, spray, back in...A little precaution to help prevent more trouble. I use Deep Creep which is made by Sea Foam. Same formula I think and it sure won't hurt being in the cylinder. It runs into the threads so fast you may see a whirlpool. If the bike will run you may want to see if it is any easier with a warm engine.
A little dirt don't hurt.
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