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So far Colombia has proven to be a great country to break down and get things fixed in a timely manner. The warmth and generosity of the Colombian folks I've met so far has been a true delight. I had heard that this is a wonderful country to visit, but you never know until you get someplace if it is somewhere you will like. Which is why I always like to make up my own mind rather than relying on the warnings of others.

Everywhere I have gone so far has been considered dangerous and inhospitable by the people in the preceding countries. Don't get me wrong. You may hate Colombia. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Which is why I try not to recommend things to people unless I know them fairly well.

Plus I think people respond to your energy. If you are a sourpuss by nature then people will treat you like one. I try to joke around and have fun and not take life too seriously.

People seem interested in pinning you down as to where you're going and how long you'll be on the road. It's only human nature. I really have no idea, but understand that wandering around aimlessly, goofing off and having a good time on crazy good back roads until my money runs out is an unsatisfactory answer. This week I am telling people I'm headed to Baranquilla and Carnivale which is a very satisfying answer to all who hear it.
It's kind of like when I was traveling in India. The locals couldn't understand someone with no children. Being a vagabond with no children just wasn't cutting it. So to stop feeling like a pariah, I finally had to invent a son who was studying engineering and a daughter who was a nurse.

But in truth I am just a solo vagabond wandering around aimlessly, meeting nice people and having a good time on crazy good back roads until my money runs out. I have no desire to rush through South America. It is a HUGE continent and could keep a traveler busy for years. When I'm broke I'll head home, earn more money and return for more.

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