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Originally Posted by ECKS-Man View Post
No they don't work. About the only thing you can do with roos is avoid them. Choose your riding times and locations - and speed. Even the Shu-Roo things don't work 100% of the time. It is one thing to scare a roo off the road, but it usually isn't the ones ON the road that you'll hit. The danger is when they come on to the road from the side. The only way to avoid those buggers is to be travelling slowly enough to brake.

Just my experience.
I agree, or have a set of metal panniers and kill the suckers. Mind you that was unintentional on my part, they did the normal thing and came at me from 90 degrees at a fast pace, I had time to select the small one before he T-boned me.

I was doing 100kmh and tankslapped for a while, when I gained control(staying upright and no oncoming cars) I saw him still rolling down the centre line.

Nothing can stop a roo, they are too dumb to know
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