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Originally Posted by ddlewis View Post
So that's six intrepid adventurers..... and Mickey. Sounds like a good time.

I'm on call so have to stay close but I'm up for Poe's at least. Also run at the park Sat morning still on.

Been out in the garage mounting up new handlebars.. fat 1 1/18" bars on a powermadd 2" riser. looks good and should make stand-up way more comfortable.

BastardB. this frees up a set of un-bent 7/8 aluminum bars. KX high bend i believe. They're tusk brand cheapies but they're straight and sturdy and better than bent ones. have at em if you want em.

Ooooh, lucky! Yeah I'd love to have em. Tried a couple love taps on my bars with a 5lb hammer yesterday and it didn't bend a millimeter. So I actually put a bid on some real cheap ones from ebay last night, but if I get outbid then I'll let ya know. No sense in having 2 sets if there's someone else out there who needs 'em. And I guess I'll see you at Poe's in the morning! I think I'll probably try to go on the early side, maybe 10am because my girl has to work about 12.

Originally Posted by skychs View Post
The cabin is full and six intrepid adventurers, on overly large bikes are departing Richmond Friday morning in the cold rain. Our goal is to stay warm and dry (wish us luck with that) and ride to the highest point in WV in February (Spruce Knob). That's six bikes, six riders and a cabin heated only by a wood fireplace. By any standards this should be an epic adventure. Throw in our favorite spirits, vittles and fire side stories it should be something to remember.

The manly adventurers are Greg, Bobby, Chuck, Jeff, Guy and Eddy. Thanks guys for making it happen.

I'm jealous, brother. I'm going to find the time to do something like this in spring though. You guys ride safe, and take lots of pictures! Haha... Especially when things get hairy.

I've got a big smile on my face knowing the fun you guys are going to have. Cheers!
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