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Originally Posted by Schai View Post

In my opinion, the best wire to control power that wants to go off immediately with the engine is the power to the headlight low beam. It comes on as soon as the bike starts and goes off immediately when you shut off. It has enough power available to supply any control circuit or relay. "As I remember" (famous last words) it is available in a few places, like on the harness going forward to the headlight. It also might be available under the seat on the left side. My Clymer manual has the correct wire color (I guess yellow) but we just got a bunch of snow and the book is out in the garage and it's after 3am. I've got it all taped up now, and didn't discover the Clymer manual with a Real Wiring Diagram until after I'd had to poke around a lot.

The wire to the accessory socket is handy, just not the proper wire.

I hope that this helps. Good luck.

Thanks Steve. Good insight. I guess this Twisted Throttle connector facilitates the tap to the headlight as opposed to the way the BMW plug connects. Jeebus. I gotta quit reading the interwebs. Every time I go and do something based on some bit of forum advice, I read later about how it's not a good idea. Nature of the beast, I guess.

Bought a Shorai LiFePo 21A battery and wired up Fuseblock with the BMW switched connector. Running a GPS, LEDs, heated vest I am sure to run it down and get stranded at Starbucks. Will have to walk home and chalk it up as Adventure.

I will report back if any trouble...
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