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As a habitual lanesplitter and an LEO, I can comment on what you wrote with more than a bit of experience. While you are not wrong that an LEO can cite you for something if you are lanespilitting unsafely, it is not super likely. The biggest reason why is public safety. You think I'm joking, but the truth is that if you're lanesplitting, it's because traffic is moving slowly. Driving "code 3" (what lights and sirens is called in California) is dangerous under the best of circumstances. Cops are not very likely to try to part heavy traffic in a Crown Vic to chase after a lane splitting motorcycle. In the 11 years I've been working the streets I have never once pulled over a lane splitting motorcyclist, and I've seen plenty of very reckless ones. It just becomes even more reckless trying to catch the bike. Now if the cop is on a motorcycle, forget everything I just said.

As for the "guidelines", keep in mind that the basic speed law needs no posted speed limit to be enforceable. You can cite someone for the basic speed law if they are lanesplitting too agressively simply by articulating why their speed was unsafe for the conditions present. I think CHP put out these guidelines as a way of giving motorcyclists a head's up as to what is generally acceptable...kind of like the yellow "recommended night-time speed for turns" signs. No, they aren't law, but if you go above them you better be able to articulate why driving faster than the recommendation was perfectly safe.

I almost always get waves in my patrol car from motorcyclists who are lanesplitting because I always swing out to give them more room. I like it when people do it on my bike so I excercize the same respect when not on the bike.
I had a local LEO part heavy traffic with a Blazer up around Grass Valley one time. Traffic was about 10 mph. Some one had called 911 from their car to complain about motorcyclists lane splitting. There were about 10 bikes that went by while I was sitting there with the LEO. I got a lecture about how dangerous it was. He was a pretty condesending AH so I just kept my mouth shut and kept repeating fuck you in my head. He let me go after about 15 minutes of lecture with no ticket.

My local news showed a canned segment on TV this morning. When it came back to the bimbo announcers they both commented that "I don't know it seems pretty dangerous to me. I don't think it should be allowed." Then proceeded to a story about facebook and social media. Which they are both in favor of.

Jedi5150 - thanks for your service and your consideration. I think we could use some more LEOs that ride.
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