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where's Laura0107?
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Originally Posted by Wlfman View Post
No clue, figured just roam around. I havent explored much for dirt around here so I'll defer to you. Where's a good meetup spot? I'm close to I-20 exit 51. And a good meet time?
All of this is negotiable, just throwing it out there!

You could come down #6, take a right on the MEOW, and I'd meet you at the intersection of the MEOW and the North leg of the Ridge Spring Loop at 10:30. We could take that leg of the RSL all the way through Ridge Spring, then Ward, then get off the RSL and go to Edgefield for lunch. Then do a few hours on the Southern bits of the Monkee loop since we'll be close to it at that point. When we get back in the I-20 vicinity, decide to either slab it home, or if you still want more, we could take the Southern leg of the RSL to the MEOW. I would exit the ride at that point in Neeses, since I live not far from there.
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