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Originally Posted by JeffS77 View Post
Oh and as of this Saturday I will be a born again Riverside resident but there is no way I am riding the 91 to work on a bike... I am too chicken
Welcome back, vato!

Carpool lane, cover the brakes at all times, plan on at least one person a day having their head in the clouds and cutting you off.

And Andrew is right, the one time I got a ticket it was for unsafe lane change, and I earned it.
I think the only reason I got the ticket was because there was so much traffic it took 2 miles for the cop to catch up to me. He may have thought I was evading, but I wasn't.
Big line of cars at stop light, I was about 7-8 cars back, filtering to the front when the light changed to green, I thought "If I gas the shit out of it, I can get out of this pack of cars" so I did. Successfully. And then I caught another pack and kept on it. Oops.
The only reason he caught me was because I made a left off the main artery into my neighborhood, had to wait in the center lane for oncoming traffic to clear and suddenly there was a cruiser in my mirror with a red faced gentleman at the wheel. "Pull over!" over the PA.
I didn't complain.
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