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Day 3: Tuesday November 6th , 2012

So we all slept well that night.
I remember that Jeff work up first... I think he was grumbling something about ants, and singing some weird song.

All I know is that it was 6:30, and the crew was eager to get on the road.
Today was going to have to be a big day. We needed to get to the Canadian border and the start of the WABDR.

We were rolling by 7:30, and the sun was just coming up on the hillside behind us.

It was a quiet morning, and we were all lost in our own thoughts as we rode north to Lewiston.

Old houses along the roadside.

Some sweet tarmac as we rode down off the mesa into the river valley below. There were some great corners.

We rolled into town, and stopped to get some breakfast and some Wi-Fi.
(CJ still has a business to run after all. So if you wonder why it sometimes takes him a day or so to get back to you when you are trying to order stuff... well he's actually out riding and testing the stuff he sells - so give the guy a break, OK?)

A quick stop at an auto-parts store for chain lube or something.

(Ok - no more jokes about "Where are you most likely to see KTM's?" At a auto parts store or broken down in front of a gas station. The fact is, we spend a lot of time doing preventative maintenance. These are highly modified, high performance machines, that do require a bit more OCD than say a Goldwing. But I tell you this, mine KTM 950's have never left me stranded, and holy crap are they amazing to ride! I bet you will never see many other bikes throwing bowling ball sized rocks 30 feet behind it as it races up a loose dirt road at 40 mph, carrying all the gear needed for a self support multi- day trip. [rant off])

and CJ changes out his visor for the dark tint.
May I present DARTH CJ!

After our stop in town, we continue north...
We have a lot of miles to do today. We rode though big agricultural areas.

and along long stretches of big-ness... (Is big-ness a real word?)

When possible we took the long straight dirt roads that took us in the direction we wanted to go.

High speed dirt cruising... Yeah, this is nice.

and off the main roads you see the neatest things, like this old church on a knoll, in the middle of nowhere. I love finding stuff like this.

But eventually, we are forced back on to pavement, and ride on towards the horizon...

What's this?

Oh, it's the Grand Coulee Dam. One of the largest concrete structures in the world.

See? More cool stuff to look at...

It's getting to be late afternoon, and we're still headed north.
Looks like CJ is in i-pod / cruiser mode. Feet on the highway pegs...

We ride on though the forests...

and on, and on towards Oroville, WA.

It's been a long day of riding and not many rest stops... but eventually we get to Oroville, our last town to get gas before we head into the National forest to start the WABDR that we will ride in under four days.

I get some supplies. Can you guess what I'm having for dinner?

A few last miles of pavement as we head to the US / Canada border.

We did take pictures of the border, but not with my camera, so I don't have any pictures I can show you. Maybe CJ will post some...

Then we start the WABDR.
We leave the pavement behind and climb this massive dusty hill, and are soon in the forest proper. It was so dusty I couldn't take pictures...

But soon the group left the road, and we headed down to a lake that CJ's GPS showed him was there.

CJ set up his "cave".

I set up Camp Snuggly.

and I think Jeff made do with sleeping on the picnic table.

I got started making Glorp.

and not just any Glorp, tonight it's chicken curry Glorp.

CJ and Jeff ate MREs, or something...
But I was a nice guy and decided to share.

Later Jeff built a fire, and we all sat around and watched it.

Yeup, another happy day.

Stats for the day:
357 miles. Moving Average 50.3
Moving time 7:05 Stopped 2:41 Total 9:46


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