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Originally Posted by SlowRide13 View Post
Thanks for the help, everyone.
Larry, I am in the NE tip of GA. Thanks, I may take you up on it at some point. But for now, after 40 years of dirt riding, I seem to have found a vertical learning curve with a stick of firewood and an 80cc bike. Not quite ready for an audience .
There is an "EVIL" side of being too shy for an audience, if left unattended...

Trials skills, they are very specific. I'm not talking about "routine" as Olympic Gymnatics does, where they are forced to do a routine that everyone must do exactly. But what I do mean is, just like any other sport, there are techniques, that sure, at the lowest level of competition, I could do 'how I wanna do it" like golf using a baseball bat grip, and maybe do fairly well. Trials really is going to punish some, for developing bad habbits, or more importantly not getting the basics down, down correctly, and honestly to where you dont even realize you do it without thinking.

Beginner's and novices always suprise me, especially the ones I teach or help with any skill building. They'll come over after practicing either what I told them, or something they saw. Problem is, if you dont do your practicing in a mirror like a ballerina, or on video so you can see what you "felt like was bent knees, hips in the right place, all that" doesn't even come close by comparison. Hell I fight it too with techniques I try to learn. Biggest thing is to be watched and shown.

Get with some trials riding buddies, do it sooner than later. that is, if you want to really have fun at trials, IMHO.

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