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Originally Posted by eakins View Post
wow those are some awesome backpacks!
i need to look into those at some point.
i've been using an old Camelback but those are much more functional for my guide work.
even though tight, my Camelback is still sloppy on my back when riding aggressively.
Gotta say, I agree!

Thanks for the kind words, which are very much appreciated, coming from the maker of the most awesome motorcycle maps in the US.

As it happens, you (or Justin at least) should already have a couple of packs, courtesy of our mutual mate Jamie from MotoGeo. I know UPS couldn't deliver them the first time, but I'm sure they were resent. Can you check to see if they made it and, if not, PM me the best address for USPS and / or UPS deliveries?


'Ave it.

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