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Originally Posted by Eddy Alvarez View Post
White is my favorite color on the new GS but I don't know...20,000 clams is a LOT of money for ONE bike...I keep bouncing around ideas of used F800GS, 800 Tigers and Teneres in my head...

As much as I would like to have one, for the price of the new GS plus $5000 in bags, real skidplate, lights, windsheilds, saddles, footpegs, GPS, etc... I could get a one year old farkled Tenere/Tiger/F800GS, keep my DRZ400S, upgrade my boys PW50 to a KTM65, get me a nice used MX bike to ride the tracks with him AND have a bunch of money left over for farkles, gear, taxes, insurance, gas and tires!

Besides, I'm not famous for keeping bikes too long and depreciation stinks!
If a Tiger, F800, or S10 is the path you take, do you fear the potential that you might end up wanting to come back to a GS anyway? And if you come back to a Big GS, wouldnt it make sense to just get what your gut tells you you want (white LC goodness)?
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