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I'd prefer HPN's design for a couple of reasons. The rear shock is better shielded from crap coming off the back wheel and would thereby probably last a bit longer between rebuilds. Second, HPN's design distributes the loads of the suspension more evenly into the main frame. Mono G/Ss occasionally break the right rear frame tube as it has to cope with ALL the loads of the suspension. Bottoming out hard, especially on a loaded bike, can be too much for it and can snap the rear right frame tube. HPN's design spreads those forces evenly on both sides of the frame as well as the spine tube. The other side to it is that in HPN's design the swingarm has more mechanical advantage on the shock and thus the suspension stresses are greater. Lastly, the unsprung weight of the shock would have a bit less detrimental effect on the suspension performance in HPN's design, but in the real world I bet the effect would be negligible. In short, I don't see any MAJOR advantage of one design over the other, but without knowing more about TAG's, I'd opt for HPN's.
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