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Day 5 - January 16, 2013

We wake up to a fantastic sunrise in Bahia de Los Angeles. It is actually WARM and sunny!

Panorama of the Hotel

Street View

Scooby comes in to say good morning. He is the owner's Great Dane.

The hotel owner, Victoria.

We grab a great breakfast at the hotel.


We pack up and get ready to leave.

When mom allows, Scooby gets to chill inside with her.

Rare photos together, lol.

We donít have a real long ride today (211mi) so we take a little time to cruise threw town before we head out.

This little store is incredibly well stocked, like a mini Walmart.

Pemex Peace sign!

Once on the road, Patty manages to grab a photo of one of my worst fears while riding.

Something had hit and killed a HORSE! I canít say I have ever seen horse road kill.
Two coyotes and several Turkey Vultures were feeding.

Up the road a few miles we ran into a herd of cows as we came around a blind corner.

We had to grab a photo of the crazy looking and tall cactus.

As soon as we hit HWY 1, Dad and Jacque pull off for a stretch.

We stop for fuel and munch on a few snack in Guerro Negro then motor on to San Ignacio.

Appears to be a millitary training center in Guerro Negro.

We have reservations for a two night stay at the Ignacio Springs B&B. Itís a pretty cool place right on the river where you can stay in a yurt.

Dave's yurt

A bit on the spendy side but very cool and they put on a great Canadian breakfast.

We head into town to grab dinner at Tootsieís. It is a new place that actual belongs to the B&Bís daughter, a native Canadian. She has a pretty extensive menu and a well-stocked bar.

The purple building is Tootsie's.

All the food was very good.

It was too cold while we were there to eat outside but she has a kick butt patio courtyard in the back with a massive tree that fell down ages ago and crushed the neighboring building but it is simply too big for anyone to move, so itís a permanent landmark now. I wish I had gotten a photo of it.

We walk around town for a bit while Patty grabs some night photos.

Note the top of the building that is crushed? That is where the huge tree crushed the building. The smaller top half of the tree was removed while the rest of the tree remains in the back.

We went into a little ice cream shop. Funny thing was trying to figure out the flavors. Patty asked if one of them was butter pecan. The lady says ďSiĒ. Poor Dave just followed her lead and got the same thing, lol. Afterward, Patty and Dave are trying to figure out what they are eating because itís not Butter Pecan. They decide it is some sort of banana pecan flavor, lol. It remains and unsolved mystery.

We grab the bikes and head back to the yurts for the night.
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