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Originally Posted by XSoCal View Post
Not sure what is different about my XRR, but it's fully registered as a street bike in AB and has been for the past 3 owners. The original owner put a Baja kit on it, so it has signals and a battery, and neither me nor the previous owner had any trouble with the Registry office or insurance, and they went over the paperwork in detail. Never been pulled over on it though.

Btw great debate on the merits of the KTM Adventure versus the XRR - I have both bikes and will certainly have an opinion after I ride the KTM some more!
There are many bikes like yours running around street plated. I have a KTM 250 XCW (2 stroke) that is street plated, I had a 98 KTM 400 sc that was street plated and got an OPI, I had a KLX300R that was street plated. Once you have a street plate it will carry over owner to owner in Alberta unless you ask for a change to an OHV.

I still have the 98 KTM, although now it is a 2003 Adventure. I bought a different frame for it without the RUM designation, bolted all the '98 components to it, replaced the blown motor with a '95 620 RXC motor, and Bob's you uncle 100% street legal. The bizarre thing is that all of the "dirt" components like brakes, wheels etc have the same part numbers as the competition vehicles.
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