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Originally Posted by 35xj View Post
inspiring thread to be sure!

i was laughing hard about the "while its apart" qoute!

Of course, many are getting sucked into the mission creep...

I stopped by sakurama's thread to just check out the motor swap and exhaust build, then ended up buying some amazing and magical velocity stacks. Integrating Chris's beautiful stacks have led me to discover a couple more "shortcomings" to my present bike setup and state of tune. So, naturally one thing leads to another and the next thing snowhawk jockey knows, he too is suffering from the chronic affliction. "While I was in there, I noticed that this didn't look right and had to attend to it..."

My buddies with clean bikes tease me about deferred maintenance. I don't get how cooking up new ways to thrash a perfectly good OEM design, gets referred to as "maintenance", when it is just a bit of mission creep.
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