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Originally Posted by Sock Monkey View Post
One thing you may want to check is that your side stand return spring is doing its job and pulling the stand up tight to the frame. I'm not a racer but I've not scraped anything on this bike yet, and I've ridden it in a "spirited" manner on a number of occasions. My preload in the rear is cranked up pretty high though, so maybe that's keeping the hard parts from touching down.


My side stand is tucked right up under the foot peg when folded. It's also got a double curve in it that allows it to jut out so that the foot piece is almost out away from the bike as far as the end of the foot peg. There really aren't any clearance issues between the frame, etc and the side stand that require that much of a dog leg.

I haven't measured my sag yet, it doesn't feel like there's much suspension compression when I sit on it but that can be deceptive.
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