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A little bit on topes for those who don't know

First off topes are basically man made speed bumps. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be anywhere. Some are small and gentile while some are unnecessarily large. Most every town in mexico has a tope before and after, and usually some in the middle. This is on the freeway. Sometimes people build their own topes in the middle of nowhere to get you to slow down at their roadside shops. Some are well marked with yellow paint and some are hidden or "rouge topes" as I have come to know them by. Some topes aren't even real topes at all, but rather just a strip of yellow paint across the road to fool you. These I refer to lovingly as "Faux-pes" Whether real, rouge or feux, hitting one at 100kph can be frightening. Bopes are usually bad, but can be used in your favor. Every car in Mexico comes to a near complete stop before attempting to conquer a tope which can lead to long lines of slow cars. This gives us motorcyclists the opportunity to veer into the oncoming lane and pass multiple cars at once. Awesome. Thanks topes, your are my enemy most of the time but my friend when I need you.
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